This tenancy agreement is entered into in accordance with the normal and statutory obligations and conditions applicable herein, and in particular the following obligations and conditions to which the tenant must adhere under penalty of damages and interest and even dissolution of this agreement, at the discretion of the lessor and without being able to claim a reduction in the rent.
a) The arrival time is on Saturday afternoon from 16h00. Departure time is on Saturday morning before 10:00 am.

b) It is agreed that in case of cancellation the following rule will be applied: by the tenant:
– Up to 45 days before the day of arrival, the tenant loses the deposit of 100 € and 10% of the rental price;
– For an amount under 250 €, in any case € 100;
– From 44 days before the day of arrival, the tenant loses the deposit and 50% of the rent;
– From 14 days before the day of arrival, the tenant loses the deposit and 80% of the rent;
– From 7 days before the day of arrival, the tenant loses the total rent;
– It is advisable to take out cancellation insurance.

c) The tenant must behave in the accommodation as a “good family man” and keep the premises in a good state of operation and maintenance. All installations will be delivered in good working order.
Complaints made more than 24 hours after their commissioning cannot be accepted. Repairs relating to the period after this period shall be at the expense of the tenant. The hirer undertakes not to cause nuisance to neighbours and co-occupants.

d) The premises are rented out including furniture, duvets, blankets, pillows, kitchen utensils and glassware in accordance with the inventory. The owner has the right, at the tenant’s departure, to demand the cost of the total replacement value of furniture and materials that have been broken, cracked or damaged, stolen, or simply damaged, as well as items that have worn out faster than normal during a rental period. The cleaning of blankets which are dirty and compensation for any damage to beds (goods), wallpaper, wall coverings, floors, ceilings, windows, etc., shall be included in the total replacement value.

e) The tenant is requested to be insured (WA) against the above damages which will cover him in case of damage. The tenant is obliged to report any damage within 24 hours.

f) The deposit must be paid on arrival and will be returned on departure. (except in case of damage or theft)

g) The tenant cannot refuse entry to the owner at his request during his stay. The signature must be preceded by the handwritten French comment: “Lu et approuvé”.

The property/ The owner: Le locataire/ the tenant

Lu et approuvé/read and agreed:

Fransje Spiljard

Résidence la Cigale, Roure du Prat, 07150 Orgnac l’Aven